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Sloan's Balm and Liniment

Sloan's Pain Relief Balm

How does Sloan's Balm help?

Pain is a 4 letter word — and so is its solution. Say goodbye to pain with Sloan’s Balm.
Introducing Sloan’s Balm. A solution designed to provide you with instant relief. Powered by ingredients like capsaicin, wintergreen oil, pudina, karpoor and nilgiri oil, Sloan’s Balm blocks the signals of pain to the brain and masks it effectively..

Sloan’s Balm is beneficial when rubbed gently onto the affected area. The unique heat-action formula is highly effective for the treatment of minor aches, muscle pain, muscle stiffness and sprains. Due to the combined action of all the five active ingredients, Sloan’s Balm kills pain immediately and reduces swelling at the affected site.

Ingredients include: 

Capsicum Extract:Acts as a counter-irritant and decreases the production of substance P, a chemical that produces and passes pain signals to the brain. It is used to treat minor muscle or joint pain, cutaneous pain and pathological itch sensation.
Sloan’s balm contains about 1.8% (vol.) of capsicum extract.

Pudina: Instantly generates a cooling effect when applied on the affected area, masking the pain signals by decreasing the temperature at the site of pain.
Sloan’s balm contains about 2.0% (vol.) of pudina.

Nilgiri tailam:Acts as a mild counter irritant. It reduces pain and inflammation by minimising muscle stiffness and nerve pain.  Sloan’s balm contains about 1.0% (vol.) of niligiri tailam.

Devadaru tailam:Improves blood circulation and decreases the inflammation at the affected area.
Sloan’s Balm contains about  0.85% (vol.) of Devadaru tailam.

Oil Gaultheria: Acts as a counter irritant and reduces pain.
Sloan’s Balm contains about 2.0% (vol.) of Oil Gaultheria.

Karpoora tailam: Numbs and cools the nerve endings at the affected area and reduces the sensation of pain.
Sloan’s Balm contains about 0.5% (vol.) of Karpooratailam.

Gandha Biroja tailam:Acts as a counter irritant, improving the circulation of blood at the affected area and improves muscle/ligament strength.
Sloan’s Balm contains about 6.0% (vol.) of Gandha Biroja tailam.


·      Do not apply on open wounds, mucous membranes, inflammed and tender skin
·      Avoid contact with eyes
·      Suitable for children above three years of age, pregnant and lactating women